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Payment details information:

Payment Options : Please read carefully :: Do not cash deposit into the Bank Account. Cash deposit is totally prohibited

1. Internet Banking or Cheque Deposit : AXIS Bank details are given below - After transfer the amount or deposit the cheque submit a Billing Support Ticket. 

2. Online  Payment : Direct Internet Transfer from any Internet Bank Ac. Payment by major ATM/ Debit Card and Credit Card.

Add Fund for Domain Reseller 3% charge is deducted for Online payment gateway for online payment.

Domain reseller fund - Payment gateway charge is not liable for offline payments by Bank Transfer (NEFT)/ cheque deposite or Phone pe etc.

3.  Paypal payment : International Clients - to use the credit card. At the time of order should be set USD in currency.

Please Send Your payment details by email after Internet Transfer / Cheque or DD deposit.